I've never felt so much conviction and purpose on my path in life as a pediatric nurse as when I certified as a breastfeeding counselor in July 2015. The support ALL postpartum women need is a crucial component to global health and supporting breastfeeding in all its forms is a HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE.

@4thtribodies among so many handles on Instagram and other social media outlets are celebrating WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK (August 1-7th) and doing a beautiful job of bringing attention to a practice commonly called "disgusting" and "pornographic." The quote below puts things perfectly --

"The presentation and durations of breastfeeding and breastfeeding experience are vast. This week we celebrate you all. Attempted nursers, exclusive pumpers, special needs breastfeeders, long term nursers, tandem feeders, SNS'ers, those struggling through the early days, those who fought hard and found their stride, those to who it came easy. Those who fight to normalize, those who feel best covered, those who feed. There isn't a wrong way. We celebrate and support you all."

I commit my professional life to the support and normalization of breastfeeding as an act of attachment, bonding, and nourishment between mother and child. I reserve no judgments for women who make a different choice for their families. As a pediatric nurse, I help guide new families with anticipatory guidance to help them make informed decisions regarding their children's health. Join me in supporting all women, all families and all children this week, and every week to come.

Be well, #lenthern