Happy Friday!

Such a beautifully composed article about identity, balance and the journey of parenting an infant. I love the father's perspective, something that is way too often overlooked. The statistics shared in this article were insightful:

"In a 2013 Pew study, 60 percent of men described their childcare hours as “very meaningful”; only 33 percent of men said the same about their paid work. And men appear to be just as dissatisfied with the stickiness of gender-based norms as women: Nearly half of fathers report dissatisfaction with the amount of time that they are able to spend with their children—twice the rate of mothers who say the same."

This sentence really resonated with me:

"At the close of my 20s, it struck me that any success I had managed to achieve would not have been possible without a certain single-minded devotion to my studies and work—to the exclusion, at times, of healthy habits and relationships." 

Support systems and their influence on personal identity I believe are integral in understanding how someone will parent. Balance is difficult; something to meditate on in 2015.


Be well, #lenthern